Power System Business Unit

For stable electric power supply through the latest control technology.

In the electric power system business, our company takes care of products such as supervision and control system, digitalization control systems and the supply of electric power equipment that supports stable electric power supplies.
In recent years we have answered customer needs by constructing high-quality, reliable systems with IoT technology, next generation system operation and distribution automation.


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General Control System

To constantly monitor the operation status and weather conditions of the electrical power system, and perform remote control of the equipment installed in the substation and operation of electric power lines.
To instruct recovery and ensure stable supply of electric power in case of an accident.

Integrated Automatic Computer Control System for Power Distribution Networks

To monitor the operational status of the distribution line and make the remote control of the power distribution equipment that is installed.
When power outage occurs, the system automatically detects outage zone and accommodates power in order to shorten outage time.

Power Distribution Box

We deliver many distribution device to substations of Kyushu Electric Power Company.
We have several kinds of line-up and equipped our own circuit breaker and realize high quality and low cost to manufacture according to standard specifications.
Easy to see inside and inspect, Establish/Measurement of leakage current/ Cable diagnosis is also easy.

Operation Support System

System identifies "equipped IC tags" with "electronic introductions" to manage progress status by "visualizing human activities" for manual operation such as lines connecting and facilities lock as "maintenance operation" in Electrical Companies.
It is possible to prevent human errors and Incorrect procedure.(Patentability No. 4057580)

Example of Adoption

System for Electrical Substation Equipment of power company

  • IC tags
    IC tags

    Support for maintenance operation with IC tags and Electronic Slips.
    Confirmation for objective equipment and operating procedures.

  • Monitoring room
    Monitoring room

    Remote monitoring for on-site working progress.

  • Electronic Slips
    Electronic Slips

    Confirmation for installation and uninstallation in work

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