Founded May25,1921 【Establishment】July24,1930
Capital 2,607,217,518 Yen
Chairman Chairman and Representative Director Naonori Tsuchiya
President President and Representative Director Hidetoshi Soeda
Stock Listed Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market Fukuoka Stock Exchange
No. Employees Consolidated No. of Employees:990 Non-Consolidated No. of Employees:638
Group Sales Consolidated Accounts:25,007 Million Yen  Non-Consolidated Accounts:18,141 Million Yen
Head Office 7-25 2-Chome Hakata-ku Fukuoka City,Japan 812-0008
Tel. No.+81-92-473-8831 Fax No.+81-92-473-8833
Koga Factory 20-1 3-Chome Tenjin Koga City Fukuoka Prefecture,Japan 811-3197
Tel. No.+81-92-943-7181 Fax No.+81-92-943-7194
Tokyo Branch 5-12 2-Chome HigashiKanda Chiyoda,Tokyo,Japan 101-0031
Tel. No.+81-3-5835-1011 Fax No.+81-3-5835-1014
Business Permit Construction License (by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
Certification Acquired ISO9001 Certification
Seiko Electric Co.,Ltd And Group Company;Seiko IT Solutions Co.,Ltd. JQA-2062
ISO14001 Certification
Head Office, Koga Factory, Tokyo Branch JQA-EM7262
ISO/IEC27001 Certification
IT Solutions Division and Group Companies;
Seiko IT Solutions Co.,Ltd. JQA-IM0450
Main Clients Central and various government offices
Electric and Gas Companies
Enviornment Plant Companies
Automobile/Ship Building Plant
Iron/Steel/Nonferrous Metal Companies
Electrical Machinery Plant
Science/Chemical/Food Products/Paper Manufacturing Companies
Construction Companies
Main Shareholders (Kyusyu Electric Power Co.,Inc. and Kyusyu Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Co.,Inc.)
Kyudenko Co.,Ltd.
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi, Ltd.
The Master Trust Bank of Japan,Ltd.
(Saibugas Holdings Co.,Ltd.)
The Bank of Fukuoka,Ltd
The Nishi-Nippon City Bank,Ltd.
Naonori Tsuchiya
Tatsuo Tsuchiya