About Seiko Electric

Creating the Future though Original Technologies in Information & Control

The company was established in 1921, it has kept its mission statement of contributing to the society through best products and services, steady management and human resource development as its foundation, and developing breakthrough technologies that will open up a new era.

This firm, with its core business fields, Power System and Environmental Energy and Control System, and further business expansion will contribute to the construction of an eco-friendly, safe and comfortable social infrastructure by striving for the creation of new products and new business through original technologies in information and control.

Also, with the great changes in the social environment of today, each member of this company has a high sense of responsibility with the outmost of our abilities, to grasp accurately the needs of the society as well as our customer and offer products and services that will respond to the various demands from new era of industry to livelihood in a broad range of fields.

Business Creed

Contributing to the Society with Best Products and Service

Management Vision

Business Vision
Realize ecological, secure and comfortable society with Information and Control specific technology.
Management Vision
Endeared by customers and confident Company by CS management, and satisfied by stockholders and staffs.
Corporate Culture Vision
Respect for people as basis, self-realization, human resource development and encounter people.

Mid-term Management Plan SEIKO IC2026

Basic Policy

Sustainability Management”

Contribute to a sustainable society by solving social
issues through corporate and business activities.

Policy Priorities

  • 1
    Digital First
    Solve social issues with digital technologies
  • 2
    Realization of Decarbonized Society
    Strive for carbon neutral
  • 3
    One SEIKO
    Prove the power of Seiko Group