Hidetoshi Soeda

Creating the future through original technologies in information and control.

The company was established in 1921, it has kept its mission statement of contributing to the society through best products and services, steady management and human resource development as its foundation, and developing breakthrough technologies that will open up a new era.
We have been applied our policy which is the realization of a safe and comfortable society through original technologies in information and control, to a number of business fields, and have seen those businesses grow.

Our Company has 3 strong points; OT, IT, and Product. Regarding OT, it has long history from 1973 when we received order of substation/general automation from Kyushu Electric Power for Kie control station.
Regarding IT we started to receive software basic development order of work station after sending 21 staffs to Hitachi Todsuka factory.
Regarding IoT, we started as operation support system of substation for Kyusyu Electric Power and introduced about 600 places. In addition, we understand knowledge onsite through products of long history, and have ability to resolve customer’s issues with total power.

We expand infrastructure business for electrical power, environment and foreign countries utilizing our strong point as big as possible.

President Hidetoshi Soeda