Environmental Energy and Control Systems Business Unit (Industrial)

For green engineering and energy-saving in a wide range of industries.

We have a lot of engineering knowledge and experience as a total systems integrator, developing systems using various components, control and information technology. We develop and support people-friendly production control and automated systems in industries such as steel, fertilizer, incineration, plaster board and stone crushing.

Power Receiving and Distributing Facility

Providing facilities to stably supply electricity to factory, school, hospital, commercial area and office building with wide knowledge and experience from low to high voltage.
We can manufacture depending on customer's requirements and support flexibly for maintenance and enhancement after delivery.
We have several experience to deliver nationally and internationally. Please leave them to Seiko Electric.

Renewable Energy

Providing several products and system to supply utilizing renewable energy such as solar power and small hydroelectric and generating electricity efficiently.
We support for details requirements such as onsite survey at planning and applying.
Enthusiastically working on popularizing renewable energy as a company toward low-carbon society.

IoT · RFID solution

We are offering SEIKO IoT · RFID solution with the theme of "Reliable", "Safety" and "Efficiency".
We have "here" ingenuity to operate and check facilities, optimize maintenance, and prevent human error.