Environmental Energy and Control Systems Business Unit (Public Goos)

We provide suitable system consistently from monitoring control facilities to operating facilities based on customers requirements.

Water treatment monitoring control system is an open-network introduced as communication system and constructed with high quality, maintainability and expansibility.
We also provide ecological water quality monitoring system such as high-level monitoring function of biotical sensor which monitors water quality 24 hours.

Water Filtration Plant Monitoring Control System

Monitoring and controlling operation status in water filtration facilities to provide secure and delicious water. System controls properly the water treatment according to water quality, and operates carefully the precious water resources corresponding to customers needs.
We respond to the renewal of existing system, function extension and etc.

Sewage Treatment Monitoring Control System

Monitoring and controlling operation status in order not to drain sewage at sewage treatment facilities necessary to operate based on inflow.
System predictively controls corresponding to large amount inflow due to heavy rain and guides with voice in case of facilities failure corresponding to customers needs.
Providing safe and secure system with maintainability.

Water Quality Monitoring Device (Biotical Sensor)

Product developed mainly for customers have possibility of critical accident due to toxic material inflow to water filtration station.
It is possible to monitor automatically, real-time biomonitoring, 24 hours by monitoring fish conditions.

Receiving and Transforming Facilities/Emergency Power Generating Facilities for Tunnel Lightning

Providing distribution panel installed in wide area of high way such as receiving and transforming facilities, lightning facilities and ventilating facilities, installed at interchange, service area, tunnel, tollgate and etc.
We provide electrical power system supplies electricity securely and safely with long term experiences and accumulated technologies regarding electrical distribution.

Small Hydroelectric Power Generation System

Constructing small hydroelectric power generation system combining with water wheel manufacturer.
Power generation control is established including independent operation of "synchronous generation" and "induction generation."
Monitoring control and interconnection panel are manufactured including communication facilities corresponding to EPC(Engineering, Procurement, Construction).
Delivering independent hydroelectric power generation system as effective utilization of existing dam held by local governments.

Biogas Power Generation System

Constructing power and heat generating system by cogeneration utilizing methane gas occurred from existing fire extinguishment facilities.
Considering fire extinguishment gas concentration of purification center, which is methane concentration, and heat usage amount, we are implementing power system interconnection conference, selection of cogeneration, pump and booster and reviewing specification of gas distribution, hot water distribution and valve.
In addition, controlling electric power generation corresponding to generation amount of fire extinguishment gas and heat usage amount by controlling quantity of power generating machinery and inverter control.