Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile
Corporate Name Seiko Electric CO., LTD.
Established May 1, 1921
Capital 2,323 Million Yen
President Nobuyuki Inoue
Stock Exchange Listing Fukuoka Stock Exchange
Group Sales 16.8 BillionYen(2009.01-12)
Consolicated Number of Employee 901
Head Office 7-25, Toko 2-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, 812-0008, Japan
PHONE : +81-92-473-8831
FAX : +81-92-473-8833
Koga Business Office 20-1, Tenjin 3-chome, Koga-city,
Fukuoka Pref., 811-3197, Japan

PHONE : +81-92-943-7181
FAX : +81-92-943-7194
Construction License Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Government of Japan No.015794
Qualifications ISO 9001
  • Seiko Electric Power Systems Company, Seiko Social Systems Company, Seiko IT Solution Co., Ltd., Seiko C & E Co., Ltd.; JQA-2062
  • Head Office and Koga Business Office; EC99J1124
  • IT Solutions Division and Related Companies; Seiko IT Solutions Co., Ltd, Information Services Dept. asp L@nd Co., Ltd.; JQA-IMO450
  • Major Customers Government and Municipal Offices
    Electric Power and Gas Companies
    Environmental Plants
    Automobile and Shipbuilding Industries
    Steel and Non-ferrous Metal Industries
    Electrical Machine and Machine Companies
    Chemistry, Drug, Food and Paper Industries
    Building and Construction
    Major Stockholders Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.
    Hitachi Ltd.
    Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.
    The Bank of Fukuoka Ltd.
    Kyudenko Co., Inc
    Company History
      Company History
    1921 ・Established as Seiko Shokai
    1925  ・Factory commenced operations
      (Started manufacture of distribution boards and switches)
    1930 ・Registered as a business corporation
    1935 ・Renewed factory
    1955 ・Contracted with Hitachi Ltd. on technical support agreement
     of oil circuit breaker
    1960 ・Renamed to Seiko Electric Co., Ltd.
    ・Factory moved to Koga
    ・Established Seiko Shokai Co., Ltd. and
     Seiko Electric Construction Co., Ltd.

    ・Contracted with Hitachi Ltd. on technical support agreement
     of switchboard and apparatus
    1965 ・Established Shoei Mfg. Co., Ltd.
    1970 ・Dispatched technical personnels to Hitachi Ltd.
      Omika works to develop computer control technology
    ・Established Seiko Fukusan Co., Ltd.
    1975 ・Contracted with Hitachi Ltd. on technical support
      agreement of integrated control of computer for substations
    1980 ・Head office building renewed
    ・1982 Established Seiko Electric Device Co., Ltd.
    1985 ・Dispatched technical personnel to Hitachi Ltd. software works to
     develop information systems technology
    ・Information systems operation dept. commenced business
    ・Established Seiko Electric Co. (M) SDN. BHD.(Malaysia)
    1990 ・Listed on Fukuoka Stock Exchange Market

    ・Established Seiko Electric Asia PTE. LTD.(Singapore)
    ・Certified for Construction business
     (by Ministry of Construction)
    1995 ・Established Dalian Seiko Switchgear Co., Ltd.

    ・Koga works received ISO-9001 accreditation
    1999 ・Information Systems Division received ISO-9001 accreditation
      and System Integrator acreditation (by MITI)
    ・Head Office and Koga Works received ISO-14001 accreditation
    2000 ・asp L@nd Co.,Ltd. founded.
    2001 ・Capital participation of Asia Solution Philippines, lnc.
    2002 ・S.Q.Marketing.lnc. founded.
    ・Renamed Seiko Fukusan Co.,Ltd to Seiko Corporate Service Co.,Ltd.
    ・Beijing office in China set up.


    ・Seiko C&E Co., Ltd founded.
    ・Seiko C&E Co., Ltd. consolidated to Koga factory.
    ・Renamed as Dalian Seiko Electric Control Co.,Ltd. from
     Dalian Seiko Switchgear.


    ・Company System introduced.
    ・Seiko Electric Power Systems Company founded.
    ・Seiko Social Systems Company founded.
    ・Seiko IT Solution Co.,Ltd founded.
    ・Tokyo Office founded.


    ・Seiko Power Electronics Company founded.
    ・Seiko Optronics Company founded.
    ・Renamed as Seiko IT Solution Philippines Inc. from
     Asia Solution Philippine INC.
    ・Beijing Seiko Electric Group Co., Ltd founded.
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    7-25, Toko 2-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, 812-0008, Japan
    PHONE: +81-92-473-8831 FAX: +81-92-473-8833
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